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 Death Knight - tank

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InläggRubrik: Death Knight - tank   lör sep 12, 2009 9:48 pm

Hello my name is Jens and I come from Denmark and I can easily understand Swedish Wink
I play DK tank and have been tank speced since I was level 80 I tank in Unholy but I am considering respeccing to Blood
I also got a full epic dps off specc ready for use Wink (Blood)

My raid experience
In ToTc10 mans have I downed 5/5 bosses
And in uld is the only only one I have not tried Yogg and General....
My professions is Mining as it gives stamina and Enchanting for the stamina ring enc

I also have a good arena team with some of my friends where I hope to reach rating 1800 for a rentless wep Wink rating so far (1017) after a week only

Armory link:

Anyway I also have some IRL friends
Merraz - Shaman Restro - 80
Kant - Warlock - 80
Waysar - Paladin Holy - 80
Bjôrkvin - DK dps - 80
Darkhunter - Hunter - 80

I don’t know if you only recruit Swedish but please consider my apply

Og husk på vi slår jer i fodbold den 10.10.09 Wink
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Death Knight - tank
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